This was so much more then a maternity session. It was an experience that I will never forget. After doing some family photography for Kate's best friend, she contacted me for the bump to baby package (Seventh Arrow's Maternity and Newborn Sessions) and I'm so happy that she came into my life. 

The session was perfect with the dress to the headpiece to the makeup to the outfit that her husband wore...utter perfection. Then, I asked her to write a letter. This letter was for her twins. Honestly, it made me come to the realization that motherhood, and parenthood for that matter, is the most precious thing ever hope that one day everyone gets to experience a love like this. The words that she has chosen will forever be documented and read for years to come. I only hope I did these lovely words justice visually. I cannot wait to share this amazing session with you and this incredible letter to her sweethearts.


“A Letter to My Sweethearts”

You have heard my voice for months, delicately singing you songs when no one else is around. I can’t wait for the moment I hear yours – your laughter, your babbles, even your cries.
Nine months has been my most anticipated countdown. Though the time has slowly passed, movement from inside has been my greatest experience yet. Your tiny feet have left the most beautiful imprint on my heart.

Despite all of the things motherhood brings that I am scared of, I am not scared to meet you. To finally hold you both in my arms, and to shower you with forever love. To touch the four feet that have been kicking me for months. To finally feel your fingers in my hands, and take in your heavenly smell. To see whose nose you will have, the color of your wispy hair or how big your eyes will be.

To my sweet baby girl: I promise to make you feel like the beauty you truly are. To build your confidence, and navigate you through the challenges of life with your head held high. I promise to never let you fall too hard, and to learn from your mistakes with compassion and grace. I am already so proud of you, my beauty girl. From the moment your dad told me you would be coming into this world, my heart exploded with joy and gratitude. I knew you were the Evelyn I had always hoped and dreamed for.

To my sweet baby boy: I promise to show you love in all of its best forms. To have you feel love so big it fills you up and makes you feel safe. I promise to feel the weight of your mistakes and push you to do the same, and above all else, help you learn from them with kindness and strength. I promise to be active, and to learn how to throw a football with you (scary thought, I know!) or show you the ins and outs of soccer, with your dad as coach. Overall, I promise to love you from morning to night… unconditionally and forever.

To my babies: Just wait until you meet your dad. He’s incredible, and I just know he will make the best daddy to you both. When I was choosing a husband, I decided to choose the man with the biggest, most selfless heart. I put all of my trust in him to care for us, and to take beautiful care of our hearts, which is really the most important task of all. And… I promise lots of laughter with your daddy in our lives, as he is silly and carefree.

I love you already my sweethearts
— Your Mom

Maternity Session Photography by Amanda Rosenberg, Location- Akron Falls, HMUA- Lydia DominickFlower Headpiece - Trillium's Courtyard Florist, Dress - Sew Trendy Accessories